A brief moment of parenting nirvana

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while, things just go right.
I had a meeting today in someone’s home and decided to bring our girl. It was my first attempt to work with her there (and no back-up!). I knew things could get kind of wild.

She was dressed in her ballet outfit for our home “dance class.” She didn’t want to change. I explained that she had to put on pants, a shirt, etc. Next thing I know, I’m turning around and I see her stripping, even her tights. She threw it all on the floor. I asked her to put it on the dance shelf. She did, and then proceeded to dress herself without any help.

We made it to the car, drove, arrived, entered, all with enjoyable conversation.

Once there, I set her up at the child’s table (the host had some markers & colouring book, I had stickers). And she entertained herself for over an hour. I glanced over often, and gave her a snack half-way through, and yes, at the end she came to my lap for some um-nums … and in case you missed it, she entertained herself for over an hour!! While I had my meeting!!

Then we headed home, my parental and career confidence soaring. She was utterly sweet, cooperative and wonderful. Thank you again for my daughter.

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