New Toddler Growth

New things happening here as our girl approaches 2!
We’ve been doing lots more diaper-free time. She now sometimes alerts us and gets to the potty on time. Yay! And sometimes, she’ll stand and pee on the floor right beside the potty. I am trying to focus on being encouraged that she is making the connection at least sometimes.

At bedtime, there’s now a gap between getting out of the bath and nursing to sleep. She’ll play, we’ll read stories. The last two nights, after some stories, she’s settled herself into the bed and asked me to leave the room. No problem, baby! She’ll ask me back a couple of times or come out herself, but seems into being in bed on her own. A helpful new development.

I am wiped out. Too many late nights. I’m going to finish up a couple of things and sleep, as the week starts tomorrow.

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