On to something lighter: I’m currently obsessed with clothes. If you saw my wardrobe you might be surprised to learn this fact, but it’s true. I love reading about clothes, and building a wardrobe, and decluttering a wardrobe, and essential clothes to own, and on and on.
Some of my thoughts on clothes:

  1. The way we dress is a wonderful form of self-expression. I love having fun with clothes, putting together shapes, colours and accessories.
  2. Dressing well – whatever that means – adds joy, confidence and fun to life. When I am able to dress well and look good, life is simply more enjoyable.
  3. My style: colourful, comfortable, moderately fitted, veering from office semi-nice to granola crunchy. I like knits, cord, solid colours (esp. reds, blues & greens lately, matched with warm grays), scarves, long sleeves and cozy-feeling clothes. Layers are also great. I do love wearing earrings and necklaces, but with baby I haven’t had the time or personal safety zone to do this too often. Comfort is also very important to me. I now only wear comfortable shoes, with rare exceptions. Fabrics should feel warm for winter clothes, cool for summer, and fit closely enough to be cozy but loose enough not to bind.
  4. My wardrobe hopes: simple mix and match pieces for work and casual outings. A few dressy items but not too many. Well-made pieces that fit me well. No ironing or dry cleaning; minimal hand washing.
  5. Owning fewer clothes is often better. Any item of clothing in my wardrobe that I don’t love and wear is a physical barrier to identifying the clothes I DO love. I’m still working on eliminating clothes I don’t wear and hope to get there soon.

I hit VV’s 50% off sale today after work (husband picked up baby). I got 4 pieces for myself, and some undershirts & pants for baby. For me: two cardigans (yay for layers! I’ve wanted a few more), a sweet white t-shirt and a stretchy pink striped top. Fun and generally work appropriate. Not sure yet what if anything I’ll get rid of in their places. Maybe this grey t-shirt … we’ll see.

My plans for tomorrow: low-key day. I may make a chart of all my clothes :). This hasn’t seemed like a good idea until the last few days when I realized I still don’t have a handle on my clothes and what I need to actually feel well-dressed.

time for sleep. night!

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