I’ve been trying to get back into praying more meaningfully and regularly. Baby & I say prayers morning & evening, but it’s not the same thing when she’s crawling all over the bed/floor/me. I think I need some divine inspiration in my life, and some inner peace, I know this is a clear path to get some.
I’m starting to use driving time to/from work for prayer. When baby is not enjoying the ride (and even when she is) I sing prayers for her, mainly the Remover of Difficulties. I say a longer one driving to/from my parents’ and work.

When I was single I prayed in the car a lot more. To and from work, and the first stretch of a road trip was breathing, prayers, affirmations. It was incredibly rejuvenating. In the 8 months before I met my husband I was praying particularly intensively and the car was a big part of that process. The prayers were also a big part clarifying who I wanted to find. Funny, since meeting him my car praying has declined. I’d like to get back into it.

I think I also want to have prayers in our home. Maybe a mom-baby prayer gathering on alternate Fridays? I don’t know yet, but it’s something important to me spiritually, for building community and nurturing friendships. Who would come? I have no idea. I’m just starting with the vision.

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  1. martawebb

    Have attended a women;s empowermetn devotional with nursing babiesolder children are accompanied by the men outside or in another room
    Felt quite good.
    Women power, oh yeah,
    actually it seemed most empowering to the woman who hosted it,
    she either does it one time per month or two

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