More baby updates!

First tooth! She bit me yesterday – a gum bite as she latched on – and was kind of looking at me to see what I thought. I reacted with an “Ow!” and “No. Don’t bite mommy.” She seemed okay with this and latched again to nurse. And today I thought I saw a flash of white on her upper gums … and then started seeing white on the lower ones! Upper still unconfirmed, lower right tooth tip confirmed! Hard to catch a glimpse of, and she won’t take our fingers into her mouth unless SHE wants them.
She really hasn’t been taking many bottles!! Only 2 today, I think. I’m noticing my let-downs a lot more, and she’s eating more solids … but it’s also probably the warmer weather and teething.

Speaking of warm weather, I started dressing her more lightly for bed the last couple of nights, just in a diaper last night, and she slept MUCH better with only 1 wake-up that I can recall (okay, 1 wake-up after she finally went down :)). what a relief – I can deal with 1 or 2 wake-ups a night. Of course, I can deal with 6 or 7, as I’ve seen, but 1 or 2 leaves me in a better mood and more rested.

Her babbling (started last week) is adorable! “Buh … bwuuh … muh … bbbbbbuh” popeye looking sweetiepie!

okay, enough for now. Am tired, going to watch movie with M. She finally went to bed (though tired she never likes going to sleep at night, fidgeting and crying even though she’s tired) – I lay behind her, cuddling her, and bobbed her foot up and down on the bed. The motion seemed to calm her and wear off her fidgets, and she was asleep within minutes. Must remember!

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