More baby love

Oh my sweetie. While in the Ergo she now plants her face, wide-open mouth, on my chest and kisses/sucks me. It cracks me up and tickles at the same time.She’s like a little wind-up toy – just before she crashes she’s going, going, going, then suddenly asleep.
Her little sighs as she’s nursing, finished nursing, cuddling into me – melt my heart!
Lying on my chest, laughing, sloppy-kissing me, then rolls off the side onto her back on the bed, laughing.
Grabbing and chewing anything that comes her way. Anything!
Finger painting the Bumbo tray with yam – please, sweetie, put some in your mouth! She took a tiny bit from the tip of my finger. And delights in squeezing the big sections I give her into piles of mush.
She’s becoming such a big girl! She makes me laugh, she responds and interacts, she’s a real person and I’m getting to know her.
Lucky. And love love love.

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