Nursing Tales

We had our first public nursing emergency this week. On our way with some errands, Alya was awake as we left the house and still awake as I pulled into a gas station. She was calm as I started the pump, but when I got back into the car I realized she was crying – probably had been the whole time, poor sweetie!
I jumped into the back, unbuckled and held her, but she was still crying. So I pulled my shirt down and latched her on. After a few sobs and whimpers she settled in and nursed for 20 minutes. It was a wonderful opportunity to observe gas station life and bond with my sweet daughter as I soothed her. I was so grateful that it worked – that I had enough milk and didn’t have to pull out the bottle – and that she fell asleep and settled back into her car seat without difficulty. We then went on to grocery shopping (she was awake and calm for that), only needing another cuddle as we waited in the check-out line.

Nursing patterns at night also keep shifting. She’s just had a few more nights recently of nursing only (no supplement needed) over the night. This is always something I celebrate! I don’t think, unfortunately, that it reflects any increase in my milk supply – it might be a slow-down in growth or just shifting hunger patterns – but it makes life so much more enjoyable. Last night she slept for almost 6 hours straight (!), waking around 3 for a feeding, then again at 7, at which point she needed an ounce or two extra after the boobs.


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