Sleep, when I get it, is so great. I was struggling for a few days to get enough rest. Temperature was the main challenge – the weather was really hot, and we don’t have a/c so I was up swabbing myself down, hosing off my feet or setting the fan for most of the night. Next come my aching knees, calves, thighs and butt, which keep me tossing and turning but rarely comfortable for the whole night. I wonder if a softer mattress would help (the softer they are, the better I sleep). And then, either because of the soreness or just pregnancy hormones, waking up at 5 or 5:30 and not being able to sleep (at least until the mid-afternoon at work).
And yes, add these together and I was grumpy. Though I think a bigger cause was worries about impending parenthood and all the decisions and work that will entail. Like: where and how to sleep, learning how to do so much for baby, what kind of diapers to buy, discipline, religious education … etc.

But last night: in bed by 9:30, slept on my back (oh yes, it feels great; just a small pillow prop and the midwife says it’s absolutely fine) and only a little side-to-side tossing; woke up at 7 with a smile! Poor M having to put up with my two grumpy days … I was glad that I snapped out of it.

The sore knees and – new challenge – aching, crampy calf muscles – definitely are wearing. I had to get back into bed this morning, actually, after hobbling around the house in increasing pain. M brought me piles of calcium-rich foods: a protein shake with swiss chard and almond milk; yogurt/granola mix; toast & cheese. After about half an hour things seemed to improve and I could actually contemplate driving to work. The crampiness is back this evening, though – when I tried gardening tonight my right calf seized up again. Quite funny, actually, to suddenly pitch to one side as my leg collapses!

The point of this post: Not complaining, actually – just documentation. I know baby is worth all the muscle cramps and tiredness. I just want to remember what it’s like to have my body change. I’m lucky I haven’t had more challenges, as I know many women do. I’m appreciative of how healthy I feel overall. Nice people tell me I have a pregnancy glow (I can’t see it, but I will take the compliment!). So, baby: we love you and you are worth any challenge, and we are grateful for all the joy and excitement you’ve brought us already! Can’t wait to meet you, little whumpus! (but not before October … take your time in there!)

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