Conscious Consumption

Recently I’ve been thinking about my shopping patterns. I would never have said I was a big shopper. In actuality, I shop more than I need to and am learning more about how shopping operates in my life. I hope to reach a healthy state of balanced shopping at some point. During mat leave, I … Read more

Pick 3 things

One idea I’ve read on a few mommy blogs is the suggestion (or survival tactic if you prefer) to be realistic about what you can get done while staying home with kids. For those who haven’t yet indulged, I can let you know that childcare is both wonderful and exhausting,  all-consuming, constantly-attention-demanding. And at the … Read more


Things have felt kind of crazy and too busy the last week or two. This weekend was no exception. I spent too much time running around and rushing to get stuff done. With lots of cooking, some shopping, decluttering and picking up messes, the days flew by. Now it’s Sunday night and I don’t feel … Read more

Reclaiming Time

Yesterday I finally realized in a meaningful way that the free time I have is precious and I am spending a good portion of it doing something with minimal productive value. So today, I officially started on a break from Facebook. I added this as a status line – my first in maybe years – … Read more